Ilya Frolov

Full-Stack developer

My name is Ilya, and I’m a Full-Stack Developer. A full-stack web developer is proficient in both client and server software development. In addition to mastering HTML and CSS, I also possess the skills to program both the front-end and back-end components.

I have been developing software for over 10 years. I began my journey in the 2010s with website development using pure PHP and AJAX. Driven by a desire to understand all aspects of web development, I immersed myself in learning about servers and networking. During this time, I worked concurrently as a site developer and system administrator. At a local startup company, I developed a web hosting project for top-level clients, offering premium-class services that included comprehensive business support. As the web hosting platform became more stable and required less maintenance over time, I found myself with more opportunities to pursue side projects. Combining my knowledge of web infrastructure with emerging web technologies has given me a unique advantage in tackling tasks that span both infrastructure and interface development. My passion for learning has equipped me with strong expertise in various areas.

At the beginning of my career, I started with CentOS 6 and Debian 6. SAS disks were prohibitively expensive, but data safety was paramount. I used software RAID and duplicity backups to safeguard against physical data loss, while iptables and SELinux protected against unauthorized access. Back then, every system administrator was expected to be able to build a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server effortlessly. Repeating the same operations became monotonous, so I learned bash scripting to increase my productivity. While a programmer’s job might end at seeing a 200 status code, an administrator’s responsibilities continue with tasks like managing DNS with BIND, file access via SFTP, and mail exchange using Dovecot and Exim. Apache was not optimal for serving static content, so I combined it with Nginx for better performance. For monitoring, I initially used Zabbix and later transitioned to the TICK stack with Grafana dashboards, incorporating SMS, email and telegram notifications.

In recent years, Docker has become an integral part of my development toolkit. Docker’s containerization technology allows me to create, deploy, and run applications in isolated environments, ensuring consistency across different development and production stages. By using Docker, I can encapsulate applications and their dependencies into containers, which simplifies the process of application deployment and reduces the “it works on my machine” problem. This approach enhances scalability and resource efficiency, making it easier to manage microservices architectures and complex systems. Docker Compose further streamlines multi-container applications, allowing me to define and manage multi-container Docker applications with ease. The use of Docker together with google cloud run has significantly improved my workflow, enabling faster development cycles and more reliable deployments.

In addition to my extensive experience with traditional web development stacks, I have recently embraced the JAMstack architecture, which stands for JavaScript, APIs, and Markup. One of the standout frameworks I’ve been working with is SvelteKit, which allows for highly efficient and reactive web applications. SvelteKit’s innovative approach to building user interfaces makes it incredibly lightweight and fast, as it compiles components into highly optimized JavaScript at build time. This results in a significant reduction in runtime overhead compared to other frameworks. By leveraging SvelteKit within the JAMstack paradigm, I can create seamless, dynamic websites that are not only performant but also highly scalable. The decoupling of the frontend from the backend through APIs enables a more modular development process and enhances security by limiting the attack surface. My experience with SvelteKit and JAMstack has allowed me to build modern, high-performance web applications that offer an exceptional user experience and speed.

My diverse skill set and continuous pursuit of knowledge enable me to excel as a Full-Stack Developer, capable of handling complex projects that require a deep understanding of both the infrastructure and the user interface.